23 years…

Hard to believe 23 years has passed since they met.

It was 1997 and their freshman year in high school. They lived on two different sides of town, but found their way to the same high school. The first day they met was in their business program computer class. That year saw one date someone that the other would never let her live down.

Over those four years these two were not inseperable like you expect most best friends to be. It was a friendship of understanding. It was two girls who were so different, but shared a bond that most people didn’t get. They just “got each other.” They didn’t need to spend a lot of time together to know how much they both valued each other’s friendship. They were always there when the other needed someone.

As their senior year drew to close both girls knew that college would lead them to two different states.

One would end up in Florida and the other in Louisiana. AOL Instant messenger was a godsend. They kept in touch through away messages and profiles. They developed a love for college football. Every time the one in Florida drove back to Texas she would stop in Louisiana just to eat lunch and have a chance to catch up.

One would end up back in Texas. It didn’t change anything. Over the course of the next few years there would be unforgettable trips to Florida. Then there was college graduation and law school for one, marriage, a kid, and the eventual return to school for the other.

It has been 11 years, but that friendship remains as rock solid as it was then.

Next month my best friend Lauren will be graduating from law school.

I just want you to know how proud of you I am. No matter what has happened in our lives our friendship has always been one of the constants in my life. I am so thankful for our lunches at Ninfas, DMB, college football, and our “is that a pole?!” days. I know our lives have gone in two different directions and we don’t talk as much as we should – but I just want you to know how much I cherish our friendship. NOW GET BACK TO TEXAS, DAMMIT!

I came across my senior yearbook.. and I think this still applies today.

I never claim to have best friends, because now-a-days, that term gets used too loosely. But you, are, without a doubt a best friend. Know that I will always be there for you to vent to and I expect you to do the same for me. Whenever I hear a DMB song, I’ll think of you and smile.”