Blissdom, here I come!

As if this space isn’t already selfish enough about me, I thought I’d copy Crayon Wrangler and write a special post dedicated to Blissdom, the upcoming conference I’m attending. Just so we can get the initial awkwardness over with, I’m going to introduce myself here and get all the small talk out of the way. Mmmmm’kay?

I’m Erin & this is me with my kiddos. Yes they are twins. No, they are not identical. Yes, I knew I was having twins. No, twins do not run in our family.

No, these little darlings are not coming with me.
This conference is about me, not my kids.

I’m a nervous conference newbie. Although I know my roommates pretty well (@elainea & @birdonthestreet), Blissdom is big, the Opryland Hotel is huge, and I’m feeling very, very small. I’m grateful for the Blissdom column I’ve created in Tweetdeck so I can easily “meet” and “see” everyone beforehand and try to match names and faces with blog titles, etc. But please forgive me if I confuse you with someone else or call you by the wrong name.

I’m going to Nashville to learn how to be a better writer and blogger. I’m a sponge just dying to absorb absolutely everything I can. I’m going so I can meet other people who want similar things and network with them. We will learn from each other, too.

I tend to be shy. I love to laugh and I giggle a lot when I’m anxious. I have to fight the urge to go hide in a corner. I’m terrible at starting up conversations. But next week I am going to stuff all my insecurities so I can get the most out of the conference, out of you, and out of myself. I don’t want to waste those three precious days worrying about the kids, the dog, and whether or not the house is on fire; this is my time. And you know what? I am fun, damn it. So let’s hang out and have a blast!

Blissdom is my gift to myself: it’s for me, about me. Because I’m worth it.

What about you? If you’re not going to Blissdom, what have you done for yourself lately?