Confession #1 – I am afraid of heights. It’s bad.. When I was little I used to lay down on the seat when we drove over bridges. Driving has helped calm that some. I will never forget sitting on the Mississippi River bridge in Baton Rouge during rush hour – and feeling to bridge sway.

Confession #2 – I have become addicted to WoW (World of Warcraft.) Most of my close friends and family know that a relationship I had prior to Anthony ended because of this game (I was not the one playing). How funny is it that I am now the one addicted (although not nearly has bad as what I have heard from some people)

Confession # 3 – I LOVE LOVE LOVE wings. Particularly boneless from Pizza Hut. Yum. Wingstop, and Buffalo Wild Wings are yummy too. I would eat them every day if I could.

Confession # 4 – I love Funyuns. You know the chips. Like I could sit and eat an entire bag in about 30 minutes. I’m not even kidding. Anthony limits how often I can get them. Definitely not good for me!

Confession #5 – I am afraid of the dark. I will not sleep without some sort of light on. Anything from our lamp or television was on most nights. I did this throughout high school too. I’ve had to learn to turn everything off now – especially to conserve electricity.

(I’m running out of confessions!!!!)

Confession # 6 – I hate doctors and more than anything I hate getting blood drawn. Anything to do with needles is terrifying. I avoided the dentist for God knows how long.

Confession # 7 – We are having pizza and wings for dinner because we didn’t go to the grocery store. Enough said.