Face Palm

I don’t know if I mentioned this, but Raymond finally got his driver’s license! He’s legal! This happened around Christmas time, but I know I haven’t been a very good blogger. He got his license, and since he’s working, his mother has been allowing him to drive their second car, which is just your standard, 4 door mid-sized sedan. It’s old but looks great, and is fine for a teenager. And it begs the question why the fuck did we have to go through all that bullshit about the car I tried to give him, if she was going to let him drive her other car? Well, because she originally said she wouldn’t. However, just in a few short months, she has realized how wonderful it is to have him driving himself back and forth to work and even sending him on errands. She’s even been suddenly on my ass to let Tee drive so that I can be “free” of the burden of driving her everywhere. ??? My daughter is not a burden, for one thing. And for another, I only have one child to take places, not four. So I’m good, thanks.

I almost think her real motive is because she knows it costs money, and Tee doesn’t have a job. I’d have to pay for not only extortionist insurance rates, but also for an $800 driver’s ed course that our state requires for under age drivers to get licensed. I’m not giving her any money/food/whatever so she’s trying to get me to spend it on other things instead of myself. That’s what I think she’s doing, anyway.

We’ve been arguing because she’s been letting her kids volunteer at an animal shelter, and the cost of gas has risen astronomically, as we all know. It’s a 40 minute drive one way, and she drives them out there, goes home for a few hours, then drives all the way out there to pick them back up. For being so fucking poor, they just really don’t get it. We had a discussion a few months back, and she said that the owner of the shelter offered to pick them up, she was so desperate for help. I suppose that may have happened a few times, but Melissa has a hard time saying no to people, so mostly she did it herself, and then they got their tax refund, so now they are rich, for a few minutes.

On Saturday I found out that she had made Raymond take her mini van to pick up Taco Hell for lunch, and he scraped the side of the van. They got lucky and found someone to fix it for only a few hundred dollars, but the professional estimates were $1500 and up. And even though she MADE him take the van when he wanted to take the car, but she didn’t want to have to “swap” the vehicles around, and he was doing HER errand, she’s making him pay for the repair, and would have made him pay for it even if they had no choice but to pay the larger amount. This, from a woman who took money from an insurance payout from an accident she was in where her car got rear ended, and spent it on other stuff instead of fixing the car, and drove around in a wrecked car for several years. In my opinion, you do not let children drive a vehicle you care about getting scratched or dented. Period. She’s also planning to get high speed internet for him in the fall, but I think we know who is actually going to end up paying for it. Because on Saturday we had a conversation that just sort of sums up her mentality about money.

She let it slip that her kids have been handling hypodermic needles and injecting animals at the shelter. Now, for one thing, she’s out of her fucking gourd for allowing them to do that. One of her girls got the fuck scratched out of her by one of the feral cats, and had to go to the emergency room, and because they are so poor, the kids get state health insurance, which paid for her care, instead of the nutjob who runs the shelter. When you are injecting an animal, you never know how they are going to react. I would think that after what happened already, Melissa would be a little more cautious, not to mention, I would also think it would be an insurance liability for the shelter’s owner. IF she even has insurance. I assume she does, and I would almost bet that they would not approve of MINORS handling needles. And most non profs don’t like minors to volunteer because of that liability. She must be desperate, I said, and Melissa concurred. That doesn’t make it ok.

Anyway, I asked her if the woman had been picking the kids up so they could work at the shelter, and she looked at me as if I had grown a second head. She had no idea what I was talking about, and I reminded her of the entire story before she finally said, and I quote,


Because now they aren’t??? She actually ended up laughing over it, when I said that to her. “You are somehow rich now? You can afford $5 a gallon for gas? Because I sure the fuck can’t, and I have a helluva lot more money than you do.”

It’s the same every year, they get their tax refund and they live high on the hog for a few months, and then it’s summer time, which means Lloyd will be bringing in his “big” paychecks” for a few more months. Then it will be fall and we’ll start all over again, with them not having enough money to buy food, and Melissa refusing to turn the heat on in a misguided attempt to save money. Oh, I know, not turning the heat on saves a lot of fucking money. However, you freeze your kids to death, but can still go to Subway every week to get your double points? That’s just jacked up.