Green thumb? Not so much.

So it was a productive day in our household.

We actually managed to get most of the house clean (most of it…) We drove up and borrowed the carpet shampooer from my parents. My carpets look so much better now.

We then decided to go outside and tackle the yard that we haven’t done much to since we moved in last summer in June. Yes I realize it’s been almost a year.

I raked leaves for God knows how long. I have three blisters on my hands. I am definitely not used to that at all. I can’t tell you how many leaves we picked up. Anthony spent the time digging up the roots of the bushes that were in front of my house. They were HIDEOUS. I want color. We headed to Home Depot and picked up some flower seeds to plant and a few other things.

We spent a good 3-4 hours outside. We still have lots of work to do. Once my flowers grow I will post some pictures.. I did take some before pictures. Let’s hope the flowers grow!

The yard and house look a million times better. The goal now is to not find other things I can do to put off my studying for finals.

I love spring.

On a funny note – Hailie tried eating the dirt. The kid was CAKED full of it. The bath water was almost black. She loved it though! Wish I had pictures/videos. Ah well. Next time!