How I unlocked my Samsung phone

Yesterday, after the presentation of TheUnlockCode, a reader wrote to recommend to try TUC Simlock, in his opinion, the best free decoding of all existing phones. Of course I couldn’t refuse the invitation. is not a program, but actually a package of software to decode phones, organized according to the major manufacturers. Thus, in TUC Simlock we will find all kinds of programs that will either provide us with the decoding codes or indicate the steps to be followed for unlocking them in other ways.

For example, if you want to decrypt / unlock the network of a Samsung phone, click on “Samsung”, then, depending on the category your phone falls into, choose the program you want to try to unlock it. All that matters is that the model had to be found in this list.

For example, let’s choose Samsung tool, a program to decode phones that you can find individually in certain GSM forums, simulating decoding a Samsung device.

As you will see when you install and run it, TheUnlock Tool was designed for use in GSM services and therefore some programs included in it require advanced knowledge in order to be used. But do not be discouraged, YouTube is full of useful video tutorials, and if you can’t find YouTube, try your luck on Google too. You are certainly not the first to use that software when decoding your phone.