I like to ramble, do you?

I was ready to throw Hailie out of the window this morning.

I was up entirely too late on the internet (darn UBP!) and by the time I feel asleep it was after 1. Anthony’s alarm went off at 4:00 (he has a crazy work schedule). Hailie woke up then too. She came and got in bed with me and proceeded to toss and turn forever. It was probably 5:30 by the time she went back to sleep. I was ready to shoot her. She did sleep until 9:15 though, so I guess I should count my blessings.

We’ve been hanging out around the house most of the morning. She’s watching Dora right now while I sit here and read all of the blogs from the UBP. I have absolutely no idea how I am going to even try and read them all!

I am so excited today though! Our tax return has come in and we are finally not broke again. We stretched ourselves a little thin trying to get caught up on all our bills.

When Anthony gets home we are going to get out of the house for awhile – and enjoy the day. Probably a trip to Frys, Half Priced Books or B&N.. and maybe dinner somewhere.

This also means I have absolutely no reason not to go to the playgroup’s MNO tomorrow. I know I will have a good time.. but my heart pounds at the thought of it. The only way I will be able to face my fears is to push myself. I need to do this. It’s the first step for me in battling my social anxiety. I have only met a couple of moms at the park date a few weeks ago, so I will be meeting some for the first time.

Pray for me. I need the strength.