It Isn’t Really About the Cupcakes.

In honor of the girls’ fifth birthday this week, I’m bringing cupcakes to school for them to share with their classmates.

  • Today’s cupcakes are not homemade. I’m loving my mess, Allison Nazarian style.
  • Last year, said cupcakes were homemade.
  • For their class Halloween party in October, they were also homemade.
  • Despite this, I will not allow myself to feel guilty. It’s stupid.
  • The kids won’t even know the freakin’ difference.
  • If spending a few bucks at a local bakery makes my life easier, so be it.
  • I’m a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom), and I don’t get paid, but I sure work a helluva lot.
  • The last month has been insanely busy. Homemade cupcakes aren’t worth my sanity.
  • This God-forsaken cupcake business? I’m so over it.

Besides, like Sara over at Saving For Someday said yesterday? I don’t want to set the bar too high for the other moms by bringing homemade cupcakes.

How are you shedding the need to be perfect today?