My dear husband

Let me preface this post by saying I love hubs dearly, but sometimes I have to wonder what he’s thinking.

As you know, we are potty training. Surely you’ll be hearing about this for months to come. Sorry for that.

At any rate, yesterday I was feeling miserable and D very graciously took the girls to the park when he got home from work. I got to rest for an hour and was a bit recharged when they returned. I keep a kiddie potty in the back of my car for use when we’re on the go. It comes in handy at parks which don’t have restrooms, and because we have daughters, they are not able to simply whip it out and pee on a tree.

So yesterday while at the park, Abby used this potty twice. Izzy tried, but no dice (she did, however, wait until she got home, so that was good—the girls completed an outing w/ underwear on!).

My darling husband wiped her with baby wipes (it was just pee) and threw them into the potty, too. When they were done at the park, he put the potty back in my car, with USED WIPES AND URINE STILL SITTING IN IT. Yes, the potty has a lid. No, the park isn’t far from our house.


I tried to calmly and rationally explain to him that surely he wouldn’t want piss riding around in the back of his car, either. He asked what he should have done. I made sure to tell him how much I appreciated his taking the girls for a bit to give me some time to rest. I made sure to say he was so thoughtful and I really loved the gesture, as did the girls. HOWEVER, I asked that in the future, he dump the pee pee into the grass, wipe the potty out a bit, and throw the dirty wipes in a garbage can (or in a plastic bag, which I always keep in the car just in case).

I suppose it’s a good thing neither of the girls had to poop while they were at the park.