It’s a rainy and absolutely dreary day. I love it!

H and I will be staying home today and enjoying a day of cuddling and just playing. Daddy will be home earlier than normal too – so it will be the whole family.

We had a much better day yesterday. I was much more prepared to handle BB and H. He was awake when we got there and was up for a good hour and a half or more. After he had his bottle he passed out and would sleep most of the afternoon. H and I played and watched the Incredibles.

The only thing that is going to drive me nuts – is if I can’t get her to nap while we are there. She spent the last 30 minutes getting super fussy. I put her down in their pack n play – but she just kept getting up. Any secrets on helping me to get her to nap? That would be great. I know it’s a new place and she is just excited.

On a completely seperate note -I’ve been in a slight blogging funk.. I haven’t been around much at all – including commenting on all of your wonderful blogs. When I finally had checked my reader last night before I went to bed I had something like 567 posts to read. I have come to the conclusion I really need to clean up my reader. I think I am also going to revamp my blogroll. If you want on it please leave me a comment! I want to make sure I’m reading everyone who reads me!