Social Anxiety

About a year or so before I met my husband I started seeing a licensed professional counselor.

I chose to see a LPC because I knew I had some issues – but I had no desire to be medicated until I had given myself the chance to talk through them.

The counselor I saw was fantastic. I was able to really let a lot of things out that I had bottled up most of my life.

It was then I learned exactly what I suffered from – Anxiety, specifically social anxiety.

Did you know that it is the 3rd largest psychological problem in the world?

I certainly didn’t.

After awhile I stopped going to see my LPC – mainly because it was starting to get expensive.

The problems unfortunately haven’t gone away – and contribute to my inability to really put myself out there and make friends. Blogging comes easy – because I am just a face behind a screen.

I have started researching this issue – and am amazed that you really don’t hear much about it. (At least I don’t anyway).

If you are like me – you battle this for years without understanding why you feel this way.

I know I need to get help dealing with this – or the issues I face will never go away. If my insurance was better I would be all for going back to see another LPC or something similar.