The Epic Adventures of Thumperella

Yesterday, I drank an energy drink. For normal people, having an energy drink or a cup of coffee after noon-ish o’oclock is probably perfectly acceptable. But for someone who already has trouble sleeping and gave up caffeine 2 years ago so now every drop feels like a shot of adrenaline to my brain, it’s a recipe for disaster. Even after cleaning the kitchen, and surfing the internet for several hours, once I went to bed, I was awake until 3 a.m. Oh wait, sorry, I forgot to change the time on that clock – it was an hour behind, so make that 4 a.m.

My suggestion to you, if you plan to continue reading this, is to get yourself an energy drink as well. You’re gonna need it. This is going to be a very long post, but I hate to break things up, and prefer to get it all out at once.

Anyway, while riding my caffeine and taurine high, I discovered something I have never seen before. (And believe me I have seen things my eyes can never give back, thank you, In all my years of stalking searching the internet for information on the Fucktards, I couldn’t believe I have never come across this before. I’m still reeling from digesting the information. Things I’d been wondering about for FOUR FUCKING YEARS.

I found the court records for Thumpy’s conviction of gross sexual imposition. They’ve been online for 2 years, but I had no idea, because when I originally found the conviction, there were no uploaded records to look at. I assumed it was because there were minor children involved, and never looked there again. I found it by accident last night because I was out on the court website looking for Fucky Jr. again, or any evidence that they may be in foreclosure. (MJ asked the board about it at the last meeting, and they said they haven’t been informed of it, which they would be.) I’ll never give up hope. They’ve gone out of town several times since the cops were here last and told us the Fucktards claim to be looking for a place in TN to live. Maybe that’s where they’ve been going – to TN to look at apartments.

Back to Thumpy. I am sure you are as curious as I was, and if you’re not, well I guess you can just skip this part. I knew previously that Thumpy had been convicted of gross sexual imposition of 2 minors, one girl, age 4, and one boy, age 7, and that Thumpy must register as a Tier 2 sexually oriented offender. I also know that a few years back, when she got arrested and actually did time in jail, it was due to failure to register. At that time, they arrested her because she failed to voluntarily show up for her court date. They let her out, she failed to show up again, and that time, they kept her for the most glorious 4 months of my life.

What I did NOT know, was that she had been convicted almost exactly ten years ago (Jan 2001), and that the victims were her own niece and nephew. Originally, she tried to plead not guilty by reason of insanity, and really, I don’t know how she didn’t get away with that, because from my experience with the bitch, she’s crazier than a shit house rat. However, she ended up pleading guilty to a lesser charge, gross sexual imposition, which is still a 3rd degree felony and still a sex crime. She got ten years, but was given probation. Her sentence included 6 months in a treatment facility, one additional year of intensive supervised probation, 5 years under community control (possibly house arrest or other monitoring), and the remainder under basic probation. She was also ordered not to leave the state for the duration of her probation. (Which would explain why NOW they are going to move to TN. Also, I think her time is up on having to register. I thought this was for 25 years, however upon going through these courts docs, it said she must register for ten years.)

Another condition of her probation was that if she violated any part of the terms, she would serve a mandatory minimum of 4 years in prison…..

Guess what?

She violated it just a few months later by not completing her treatment program. It took them another 6 months to find and arrest her, after which her probation was revoked and she was sentenced to 3 years per conviction, but allowed to serve them concurrently, and given credit for the time she spent in jail leading up to her trial. What.the.fuck? Why bother saying someone has to serve 4 years if they fuck up, and then do all this shit – oh you have to serve 3 years PER offense, but we’ll let you do time for both offenses ALL AT ONCE. I was not surprised to learn that she didn’t give a shit about what she was mandated to do.

After that, I don’t know what happened to her, because the women’s correctional institution she was sent to does not have information online about prisoners who have been released. It’s interesting to note that she was placed in the psychiatric unit. According to her psychiatric evaluation, Thumpy has had a history of conflict with the police since the age of 13. She has been diagnosed as ADHD, Bi-polar (and taking anti-psychotics), and has an IQ of 74. Not that I didn’t already know she was mentally challenged in a number of ways, but at least now I know exactly what is wrong with her, and that may help me deal with some of it a bit more sanely myself. I also now know the names of the niece and nephew, her sister and her mother (also her mother’s address, employer and income), exactly what she did to the children, and even her Social Security number. I’m honestly a little scared by the amount of information that is just freely available online. I would never post those things here, obviously, and I admit I am a little overwhelmed by it all.

The best part of the whole thing is that I discovered another case where Thumpy petitioned for a protection order against a neighbor of hers back in 2008. Apparently, this person and his family and friends irritated the shit out of Thumpy. On the report she filled out with the details, she uses the entire page and then some, to RANT about how this Asshole (who I will henceforth refer to as Javier Bardem) parties in his yard, throws trash in her yard and comes “on her property” whenever he wants to (she lived in an apartment building), lets his friends park in “her” driveway (she’s never owned a car nor have I seen her drive in the 6 years we’ve lived here), and basically thinks he can do whatever he wants, and SHE CAN’T GET ANY PEACE IN HER OWN HOME because of Javier. Did you read what I just wrote? SHE can’t get any PEACE in her OWN FUCKING HOME because of some Asshole who “thinks he can do whatever he wants”. Sounds pretty fucking familiar, doesn’t it? She requested that the police do something to throw Javier out of HIS home, because her “friend” (who I believe is Fucky Jr.) doesn’t feel comfortable because he doesn’t know what Javier “might do”. Sounds really fucking familiar! She also says that Javier has been to jail for drugs “or something” and that many people in the neighborhood have had to “call the LAW” on him for various trouble-causing incidents.