The joys of family.

A couple of weeks ago we made plans (via facebook, of course!) to drive up into Houston and to have a movie night with my father and mother in law (Anthony’s dad and stepmom). We used to do this quite frequently since we lived near each other. At one point it was one apartment that seperated us. We were really close to them, but when they took a job that moved them across town that closeness went away. Part of that was busy schedules, but part of that was Anthony and I seperating ourselves from just about everyone.

We decided to make a change. We don’t have a lot of friends we hang out with, but the one constant in our lives has been our family.

I am really glad we did.

We left Alvin around 4 and after an hour we made it and had a great night. Wine and beer was drank and lots of laughs were had. We played what was a LONG game of Phase 10. It was reminiscent of all the good times we had before.

The night would not have been complete without Hailie scaring the absolute crap out of me. She was in the kitchen with my father in law (who was making coffee), while the rest of us were sitting at the table. We heard a crash, my father in law gasp, and I heard a scream from her I had never heard before. She had pulled the coffee cup down. He was quick to pick her up and we got her hands under the sink. Luckily it scared her more than it hurt. A popsicle and lots of hugs took her from screaming to having completely forgotten about it.

Mom, however, had not forgotten. My heart was pounding like I don’t think it has ever before.

Despite that little mishap the rest of the night was fun. We spent the remainder of that night finishing up the game and hanging out on the couch watching tv. Anthony (a drunk one) and Hailie crashed around 9:30 and I spent the next hour and a half on the couch next to my mother in law both with our laptops in our laps. I’m sure it was quite the scene. Talking about stumble and the blogs we know and love to read. Our movie night wasn’t a movie night, but it was a blast. I forgot how much fun these simple nights could be.

Anthony and I are incredibly lucky to have these amazing people in our life.

Scott and Heather –

Thank you for always being there even if we weren’t.

Thank for you the encouragement.

Thank you for being amazing grandparents.

Thank you for being you.