The PERFECT mom..

Before I became a stay at home mom one of my coworkers always found a way to make me feel like I was the worst mom ever.

You know the type. She was a mom to 2. Her house was spotless. She cooked dinner every night. She never lost her temper with her kids. They were HER LIFE.

In our house A does A LOT. I’ve been blessed that my husband and I share a lot of things. Like in our house I NEVER do the dishes. I can handle poop all over the child and crib. I can handle puke. But food on plates or anything like that in the sink? Not so much. We don’t use a dishwasher so it’s not that easy. Keeping the kitchen clean is his responsibility – although I do help when I can. In fact, he does most of the cooking in our house. I did not inherit that gene from my mom and grandma – who both are awesome cooks. I’m all about simple. I can be lazy.

My house is never spotless.. We can clean a room and within a day or so it’s a mess again. I don’t think my house will ever be spotless. There are always clothes on the floor in our bedroom.. Hailie’s toys are everywhere in the house. I would rather spend my time playing with my child and doing just about anything else other than cleaning.

And for my temper? Many times I have to walk out of the room to count so I don’t yell at her. I get so unbelievably frustrated when she gets into everything. her latest thing to drive me crazy? Climbing up on one of the desk chairs and getting on top of the desk. I admit I have yelled at her, and I always feel so bad afterwards.

It was my husband that told me later I couldn’t let her get to me. I may not be the typical mom and may be far from the perfect parent, but our house is full of lots of love and hugs and kisses. She’s a happy and incredibly smart kid. She brightens our world..

So typical mom I am not. Perfect mom I am not.

I know who I am though and that’s the most important thing.

My house may never be spotless. I may never learn to cook. I may lose my temper with my kid when she drives me crazy.

You know what though?

It’s okay.