Short and sweet.

My day got off to a crappy start. Anthony tends to call and wake me up for class. Today he called about 20 minutes later than normal.

I have a spanish test that I was stressed out about.

Couldn’t find my keys. Proceeded to freak out and have a panic attack.

Call my mom crying my eyes out.

She is my life saver – came and picked me up and got me to my test on time.

Test went fine (I think).

She picked me up and brought me home. I passed out and woke up about 20 minutes before my baby girl got home.
Come to find out she is sick. My MIL thinks her molars are coming in.

She is pretty congested. I feel like crap. Anthony is feeling bad too.

Moments like this I DON’T want to grow up.

Not the best day ever.