Unlock your phone – how much it costs and under what conditions you can get free phone decoding

You can request the phone unlock directly to the operator from which you purchased the mobile phone being obliged by law to respond to the request for decoding the phone within a maximum of 15 working days.

The phone unlock service is available for any Android phone, whether it is manufactured by Samsung, Huawei, Sony, Nokia or another lesser known smartphone, as long as the model is officially sold. For phones ordered from stores outside the European Union, the procedure may be a bit more complicated, but not impossible.

How to get and apply network unlock code
Take the example of a Galaxy S10 phone purchased from Orange, but in practice the procedure described below applies to any mobile operator:

1. First access the dial menu and type * # 06 # to display the unique device identification code (IMEI code) on the screen
2. Write down the IMEI code on a sheet of paper or by copy / paste command in a text editing application installed on your phone
3.Visit your online account on the Orange website (you will need to register if you do not already have an account) and enter the IMEI series of the phone in the phone service page, in the phone decoding section.
4. Once you press the “confirm” button, you will be sent to the page where you can make the payment. Later, you will receive in the online account a phone unlock code and additional instructions for completing the operation.

You must have a SIM from a network other than the one from which you requested decoding, which you need to enter into your phone before typing the unlock code. More simply, you can request the decoding of the phone in an Orange shop or the representation of another telephone operator nearby.

For some phone models it is not possible to decode online by entering an unlock code. In this case you will need to call a specialized service center, such as unlocky. An application that sends you the unlock code based on the phone code of the phone.